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Reporting something that happened on Ship

Report in the app 

  • While on Discover: open the user's profile > scroll down and tap 'Block/Report' 
  • From your matches: select the user to open the message screen > tap the user’s photo to open their profile > scroll down and select 'Block/Report'

Report via email 

Safety is a top priority and we encourage you to immediately report any behavior that violates our policies or Community Guidelines. To send a report via email, please get in touch here and include the following info:

  • The reason for the report
  • The exact name, age, bio, and photos that appear on the profile that you are reporting (screenshots are best)
  • The user's location, phone number or email address (if known)

The more details you can provide, the quicker we'll be able to identify and investigate the user in question.

More resources

For information about what's allowed and what's not allowed on Ship, visit our Terms of Use.