How do I delete my Ship account?

Though we will be sad to see you go, deleting your Ship account is easy. 

If you are no longer Single you can easily change your Ship account to Not Single by following these instructions. Having a Not Single account removes your account from Search.

If you decide you need to delete the app, follow these steps below.

To delete your Ship account:

  • Tap your 'profile icon' in the top left.
  • Tap 'Account' to go to the Settings page.
  • Tap the arrow next to 'Account'.
  • Tap 'Delete Account' to bring up the confirmation pop-up.
  • Select the reason for deleting the app.

This action ensures all your content including photos, chat history, and member interactions will be deleted.

If you’re simply seeking to change your relationship status, you are able to do that without deleting your account and losing all your friendship activity. Click here for more info on changing your relationship status.