I'm having trouble with SMS (text) verification

In order to register and login for Ship, you will need to verify your phone number. Please take the following steps to verify your phone number:

  • Install Ship from the iOS or Android AppStore
  • Open Ship and select your intention 
  • Enter the phone number associated with your mobile device
  • You will receive an SMS message with a verification code (standard message rates apply)
  • Enter the 4 digit verification code and press 'Submit'

If you do not receive a verification code

  • Make sure you entered your number correctly.
  • Check if your phone has a cellular signal that's able to receive SMS text messages.

If you aren't able to enter the verification code:

  • Be sure to try to tap the numbers on the verification page when viewing it to make sure there isn't an error with the page loading properly.
  • Check if you're connected to a strong Wi-Fi or cellular signal.
  • Close and restart the app 

If you are still having trouble verifying your phone number please contact us