Ship Party

What’s Ship Party?

Ship Party is a new feature we just rolled out to help you vet prospects with your friends in a live video format. Even if you can’t be in the same room with your friends - because you live across the country, you’re practicing social distancing, or you just want a chill night at home - being connected is important and Ship Party adds to the excitement of looking for someone special with the help of your crew.

How can I start a party?

A single user can tap on their ‘Friends’ icon in the bottom menu, then tap on the ‘Ship Party’ ribbon at the top of their friends list.

When you tap on ‘Continue’ you'll be taken you to the party invite page. This page will show your video feed, which will always appear at the top.

How do I invite my friends to a party?

This is where you get to rally your crew! You’ll see a row of ‘+’ symbols at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on any of the ‘+’ symbols to open your ‘Invite Friends’ menu. Once the Friends menu appears, you can select the friends you want to invite. You can invite any of your friends, single or taken, to the party.

When your friends start to join, their own videos will appear in the bottom row and the ‘Start Matching’ button will become enabled, allowing you to start vetting prospects with your friends.

How do I vet prospects during a party?

All it takes is one friend to join a party for you to start browsing profiles together. Tap ‘Start Matching’ to load prospects' profiles based on your current search preferences.

Can my friends like and pass on profiles for me?

The host of the party is the only person able to like or pass on a prospect, but everyone gets to see each other's reactions in their video. Everyone will see the same prospects at the same time, so once a host likes a profile the whole party will see the next prospect on the screen.

How can I edit my settings in a party?

Only the host can edit the searching parameters for a Ship party. The host can also edit their own video or audio settings at any time by tapping the three little dots in the upper right corner of their screen. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen and the host can toggle the different aspects of the party, such as the audio/video (i.e. which camera is used to capture their video, turn off the mic or video), invite more friends, change their search preferences, and also end the party.

A friend can also edit their own audio and video settings by tapping the same icon in the upper right corner, though they won’t be able to edit the search preferences for the party or invite more friends.

How do I know if I’ve been invited to a party?

You’ll see an invite as a new DM with the member who’s hosting the Ship Party. Though, if the host has ended the party before you can join, the link would no longer work.

What can I do as a friend in the party?

As a friend joining a party, you can view the prospects the host is vetting and you can view a prospect's full profile by tapping on their name (similar to how you view a profile on the Discover tab). But most importantly, have fun!