Like Cap

Liking a prospect in Discovery is a big deal. You're half-way to creating a match and one step away from chatting with someone you're interested in. We limit the number of likes you can send each day in order to help you focus on quality over quantity. This also means that you can be confident that everyone you match with is someone who really wants to get to know you.

How many prospects can I like each day?

You can like up to 10 different prospects each calendar day.

If you have friends you can vet prospects for, you can also like up to 10 different prospects for them, too. For instance, if three friends gave you permission to scope out prospects for them, this means you have 10 likes to send on behalf of each friend.

What if I don't use all of my likes one day?

Use 'em or lose 'em.

Likes are only available for the day they're issued and do not rollover to the next day.

How will I know if I ran out of likes?

On your 11th right swipe of the day, you'll be alerted that you've reached your daily limit. 

You will also be alerted when you reach the limit for each of your friends.

Do likes sent in a Ship party count towards my 10 likes each day?

Nope. Likes sent in a Ship Party do not count against your 10 like limit. 

Can I pass on more than 10 prospects each day?


Can I unlock more likes?

Yes! Read more about unlocking additional likes here.